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Neurofeedback system

Renting a NeurOptimal(R) Neurofeedback system for home use is a convenient and cost effective option that the whole family can benefit from. Have everything you need delivered straight to your door and enjoy unlimited sessions around your busy family schedule. While sessions aren’t targeted, NeurOptimal(R) can help everyone in the family. The system works with the Central Nervous System and helps the brain to self optimise, offering a multitude of positive benefits.

Benefits can include improvement in:

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100% Safe for everyone

NeurOptimal® is 100% safe for everyone and simple to use. Set up takes less than 5 minutes, with guided videos supplied and personal support just a phone call/zoom call away. Simply attach the sensors with the paste, start the session, relax and enjoy the training. Read, nap, meditate, do homework or watch a quiet video. As long as you can hear the relaxing audible cues, the system can do it’s work.

Rental Package

Home Rental System

300 per week
Minimum 4 weeks
+ Postage and freight insurance

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