Reach Your Health Goals by Eating Right

“The doctor of the future will no longer treat the human frame with drugs, but rather will cure and prevent disease with nutrition.” Thomas Edison

Knowing which foods to include in your overall health plan can be overwhelming.  There are many diets that are talked about including Paleo, Keto and Vegan. When you read or watch the news, there is always a new study saying a particular diet is better or you should eat certain foods for longevity etc. It can be confusing and frustrating not knowing which foods are best suited to you as an individual – what is right for someone you know might not be right for you. 

Eating the wrong foods for your body can cause long term systemic inflammation. Inflammation left unchecked can cause many health issues such as chronic fatigue, anxiety, depression, inflammatory bowel disorder, hormone imbalances, weight gain and autoimmune conditions.

Whether you are wanting to improve health, athletic performance, mental wellness, reach and maintain a healthy weight, or manage a diagnosed condition, eating the right food is key to enhancing your body and mind. Self-care involves finding what is right for you.

A Healthy and Balanced Diet

A healthy and balanced diet involves eating nutritious food with an abundance of fresh veggies, moderate amounts of quality protein (whether its plant based, or animal and plant based), healthy fats, nuts, seeds and fruit. Once we include these in our diet, there is far less room for highly refined carbohydrate/sugar content that most of us are so used to. Our carbohydrate intake drops, our hormones balance out and you will feel and look healthier.

Whether you are vegan, vegetarian or have a preference for a paleo or keto diet, NeuroGoals promotes a whole food lifestyle – real food with minimal processing. Preference is for seasonal, organic and locally sourced produce with the odd exception! According to your lifestyle, activity levels, health and fitness goals, food sensitivities etc, you can tell what foods works best for you. You can see the difference it can make to your body.

Work with a Professional

Work with a professional that understands that your health is as individual as your personality.  Everyone will eat differently depending on your age, gender, lifestyle and your cultural and religious background. NeuroGoals will take into account your individual needs, preferences, medical history and any barriers you may have to your emotional and physical well-being.

To achieve your health goals and to feel your best, speak to our accredited nutritionist at NeuroGoals. We can tailor and create a food plan that is right for you. We’ll discuss your current diet, work with you to see where you would like to be and where you’d like to be looking towards the future. Your health, body and mind will change, and life will be a whole lot more satisfying and fulfilling.

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