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Be your best self mentally and physically. NeuroGoals can assist you with training your brain and nutrition services.

NeuroGoals Vision

Adding to the growing movement of empowering people to optimise their own health and to live in alignment with their purpose.

NeuroGoals Mission

To help individuals be the best version of themselves in the most practical and accessible way possible.

NeuroGoals Values

True wellness is a way of life we achieve through eating nourishing food, engaging in appropriate exercise, effective stress management, living with purpose and having meaningful connections with ourselves and others

When you work with NeuroGoals, we understand that even within this wellness blueprint,  you are as individual as your fingerprint with a unique story, situation and future aspirations.  You might be feeling fed up with excess weight, fatigue, low mood, needing to support a diagnosed condition. Or you might feel your health is good and want to take it to the next level for personal, professional or athletic performance. 

Using either one or a combination of Neurofeedback and Nutrition and lifestyle recommendations, we will work together to create a tailored plan that can help you achieve what you are looking for.  Life is too short to not feel your best!


My Story

Hi, I'm Eva,
The Founder of NeuroGoals

I love helping people make changes so that they can be happier and healthier. I developed my passion for nutrition, wellness and self-improvement as a result of the inner work I needed to improve my own health and well-being. From early in life, I felt constantly exhausted, had chronic skin issues, gut complaints and weight fluctuations – there always seemed to be “something wrong”. Numerous trips to doctors and blood tests reported that “everything was fine”, which led to a lot of frustration. I couldn’t accept that this was how life was meant to be.

"Numerous trips to doctors and blood tests reported that “everything was fine”, which led to a lot of frustration."

In 2015, I decided to study my Advanced Diploma of Nutritional Medicine. I wanted more power over my own health, and to teach my children and others to do the same, rather than relying on questionable mainstream health recommendations. In 2018, I qualified as an Accredited Nutritionist and over time, as I implemented what I learned, I could see and feel the positive changes within myself – my body, emotions and mindset. That’s when my Nutrition business NutriGoals was born.

"I knew I had to connect as many people as I could to this life changing technology."

As I continued my progression towards not only the absence of ill health, but optimal physical and mental well-being, I discovered neurofeedback brain training.  When I saw the positive impact and results in both myself and my children from using the NeurOptimal® Neurofeedback system, I knew I had to connect as many people as I could to this life changing technology. From there my business evolved into NeuroGoals, and here we are.

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"Healing is a matter of time, but it is sometimes also a matter of opportunity" - Hippocrates

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